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Atlantis Vertical Garden & Green Wall Product Solutions

Atlantis Vertical Garden & Green Wall products are industry proven and effective.
Our products provide long term solution for vertical garden & green wall with minimal maintenance.
Atlantis Vertical Garden & Green Wall products are installed internationally including the following countries, Australia, Chile, Panama, Peru, Mexico, Croatia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, India, USA, Sweden.


IPI™ is the ideal method for irrigating succesful vertical gardens. Plants are healthier, more vibrant and flourish in optimal conditions

Gro-Wall® now features IPI™ Individual Plant Irrigation, promoting healthy vibrant plants that flourish in optimal growing conditions.



Featuring IFS, Integrated Framework System the Gro-Wall is fixed directly to the wall without additional framework.

New I.P.I System, IFS System, Modular, Thermal Insulator, Versatile Planting, Accessible, Made from Recycled Materials.

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