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Gro-WallŪ 4, Vertical Gardens Made Easy! Gro-WallŪ is the easiest way to grow, manage and enjoy your green walls.

Atlantis Vertical Garden & Green Wall product solutions 

Atlantis Verical Garden & Green Wall products are industry proven and effective. Our products provide long term solution for vertical garden & green wall with minimal maintenace. Atlantis Vertical Garden & Green Wall products are installed internationally including the following countries, Australia, Chile, Panama, Peru, Mexico, Croatia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, India, USA, Sweden.
Gro-WallŪ provides comprehensive irrigation Gro-WallŪ provides integrated frame work Gro-WallŪ provides complete access to plants and irrigation systems Gro-WallŪ Photo Gallery
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