Verical Garden & Green Wall products are industry proven and effective. Our products provide long term solution for vertical garden & green wall with minimal maintenace. Atlantis Vertical Garden & Green Wall products are installed internationally including the following countries, Australia, Chile, Panama, Peru, Mexico, Croatia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, India, USA, Sweden.

Vertical farming with Tower Gardens is on the ‘rise’ and rightfully so. You can grow a variety of plants without ANY soil and 90% LESS water. It also requires 10x less space so you can do a lot more in a smaller area. That means easily growing fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables, and flowers both indoors and out. And because everything is grown and picked fresh, the flavor is unbelievable!

We mainly do wall decoration products. Our products are mainly three-dimensional green walls or vertical three-dimensional gardens. The vertical wall is mainly for outdoor, of course, they can be used indoor either. There are many ways to decorate the walls, and wall stickers are easy one of these wall products. Wall decal is a kind of wall decoration that you can easily handle. It is not only simple and convenient, but also with very free style. The decorative effect is also very intuitive. It is suitable for modern families. We also recommend using it for shop wall decoration. What is more valuable about wall stickers is that they are not only easy to handle by themselves, but also relatively cheap. A good wall decal should be made of fabric or PVC, which is colorfast, waterproof, mildew resistant, environmentally friendly and free of odor. When shopping, you can conduct on-site tests on fading, waterproof and environmental protection. For example, wipe it with a dry towel to see if the color fades, and then see if there are water marks on the back. In terms of environmental protection, you can distinguish whether there is any peculiar smell by static smelling. Among the wall decor suppliers we have cooperated with, this wall sticker supplier seems very reliable. We will also introduce how to use wall decal at the below.

Wall Decal matching knowledge

   1. Places to paste:

The wall stickers can be pasted on smooth texture material surfaces such as walls, glass, ceramic tiles, refrigerators, air conditioners, cabinets, furniture, etc. It is recommended to successfully paste the wall decal at one time, because the back of the wall decal is sticky. The adhesive surface is adhered to the wall paint, which will affect the wall when it is torn off. If you really want to tear it off, you can tear it off with the help of hair dryer and other tools after the viscosity is weak, which can reduce or avoid the impact on the wall. It is recommended that you tear it off when you need to change the wallpaper or paint color at home.

   2. Tips for pasting wall stickers:

   A. before pasting the wall decal, please prepare some tools: scissors, knives, cards or bank cards. First, cut off the extra blank parts around the wall sticker pattern with scissors, so it is easier to paste;

   B. stick the transfer film on the stickers pattern, and scrape it back and forth repeatedly with a card or bank card to make the pattern and the transfer film stick together better, and there will be no bubbles after sticking it on the wall;

   C. gently tear the transfer film with the wall sticker pattern off the bottom paper of the pattern. If the decal pattern is not stuck on the transfer film, you can use a knife to help. When pasting a wall sticker pattern with a large area, the pattern can be reversed and the bottom paper of the pattern can be torn away from the transfer film and the wall sticker pattern;

   D. when pasting wall stickers, first stick a corner of the transfer film on the wall, then slowly paste the transfer film with the pattern on the wall along the downward direction, and then repeatedly draw a few times from the middle of the pattern to the surrounding direction with the card to make the wall paste better on the wall;

   E. when tearing the transfer film off the wall, try to be slow. You can tear off the transfer film while pressing the wall decals. Do not tear off the wall stickers together.