Recently, Henderson THE ROOF, the first completed work in China by Pritzker Prize winner and the world’s most creative architect Jean Nouvel, opened its doors.

As the new “face” of Shanghai’s Xintiandi shopping district, THE ROOF is an innovative building that inspires new life in the city, with “art, fun and humanity” as its keynote, accommodating multiple scenes of living, socializing, sharing and creating.

This is the first landing work of world-class architect Jean Nouvel in China. It continues the cultural roots of Xintiandi, incorporates light and shadow and natural elements, and uses the collision of red and green, inside and outside, new and old to create a giant collection of art buildings.

Contrasts of character between the inside and outside of the building

Jean Nouvel is regarded as one of the most creative architects in the world. The name is often associated with “the film director of architects”, and the works of his design team are often jokingly called “the Hermes of architecture” for their high quality.

Transitioning from the calm and quiet sand colour of the outer streets to the exuberant and passionate red of the inner streets, the 15 façade colours present a distinctly different character colour inside and out.

One of Jean Nouvel’s architectural languages, “light”, is also perfectly interpreted in the building. The innovative design of the roofs and semi-openings allows sunlight and wind to flow in naturally, while the stars and night sky can be seen at night, creating a transparent, unique and fluid narrative in the different levels of space.

A ‘three-dimensional garden’ for a city of 2,500 flower pots

A vertical garden of the city made up of 2,500 flower pots springs to life. From the façade to the inner blocks, flowers, shrubs and trees are everywhere, enveloping the entire building in a cover of plants, forming a horizontal and vertical garden, with the façade of the building covered in flower pots resembling the flowers and plants planted on the balconies of old Shanghai houses.

In his opening congratulatory video, Mr Jean Nouvel says: “It is an honour to create an urban space that blends into the urban fabric of Shanghai’s historic quarter, with its paulownia groves, lane lanes and residential-style greenery.”

The building provides a new place for the neighbourhood to relax and reflect, a green community, a green lung in the heart of Shanghai. Diversified commercial scenes First shop economy leads emerging consumer experience. Henderson-Xuhui Tiandi THE ROOF is located in the neighbourhood of Madang Road, East Jianguo Road and Danshui Road, diagonally opposite to Zhonghai Huanyu Aloha.

The total construction area is 45,000 square meters, of which office area accounts for nearly 24,000 square meters and commercial area accounts for about 10,000 square meters. With six floors, including four independent towers, T1, T2, T3 and T4, with the main business format being commercial and office; the underground area is 19,000 square meters, with three floors, including parking garage and underground commercial. As a “humanistic commercial landmark of Xintiandi”, it integrates multi-faceted future offices, MIX trendy commercial and urban public space.

With approximately 10,000 square metres of internal and external street retail, the new future trend absorbs all-weather consumption patterns, and many brands have opened their first shops in Shanghai here. Among them, nearly 60% of the tenants are first-time shops and more than 20% are online celebrity shops, thus creating an eye-catching destination.

Green Massage is a nationally renowned high-end spa brand, with the overall environment of the shop based on nature, “concentration”, “perception” and “release”. The store is an immersive spa, which interprets the concept of healthy living in the space between man and nature.

X space, a new cultural landmark for the world’s citizens, combines the rich and diverse contents of architecture and fashion, design, music, art, theatre and branding to create a modern public living space and social platform with the exchange of Chinese and Western cultures as its core. Through performances, exhibitions, shows and other cultural and artistic activities, it creates an image of an “international city landmark of humanities and arts” in multiple scenes.

Xintiandi is one of the first landmark nightlife districts in Shanghai. Using its unique open-plan architectural form, Henderson Xutai Tiandi has created a sunken bar street, introducing full-time consumer businesses such as WITCHCRAFT, enive red bar and spice bazzar bistro to continue Xintiandi’s night-time economic vitality.

At the same time, it has also attracted many online celebrity shops and concepts such as Brut Eatery Wine Bar & Restaurant, Generation Maths Home and Warming.

The master architects have combined the essence of the old Shanghai Shikumen lane culture with the modern “Magic City” trendsetter culture to create a unique and imaginative commercial architecture space that will inject infinite vitality into the city life!

An urban vertical garden has been created in the shopping district

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