Planting the Gro-Wall® Vertical Garden System

Soil Mixes

Soil mixes can be customised for specific green wall applications and geographic locations. Soil mixes can include washed sand, premium organic mix , light weight volcanic rock, fertiliser pellets and other components. Inorganic material such as sand and light weight volcanic rock are used for water retention, drainage and structural packing. Soil mixes need to be designed to suit the pH requirements of the plants selected and the environment the Gro-Wall® vertical garden will be installed into.

Versatile Planting Including Herbs & Vegetables

Gro-Wall® plant cells can accomodate single or multiple plants including shrubs, ground covers, climbers, small plants, grasses, herbs and vegatables. With a large 6.5 litre pot capacity of the Gro-Wall® system a diverse range of plant species are able to thrive including herbs and vegetables.

Accesible Plant Cells

Plant cells within the Gro-Wall® are completely accesible. This feature enables easy design changes and maintenance. Ideal for herb and vegetable gardens, the accesibility of the Gro-Wall® system enables the quick access and removal of the pot to a work bench for harvesting.