Gro-Wall® 4 now incorporates Gro-Pot™

Vertical Planting

  • Ability to place the plant, herbs & vegetables in vertical position for natural growth and reduced plant stress.

Increased Soil Volume

  • Up to 6.5L of soil mix can be used ideal for maximising growth of plants, herbs and vegetables.

Built In Drainage

  • The built in drainage removes excess water.

Reduced Runoff

  • The Gro-Wall® Pot reduces water runoff by capturing all the water from the irrigation system. This improves the water efficiency of the vertical garden and minimises nutrition leach into other plants below.

Built In Water Storage

  • Plants can access water stored at the base of the Pot.

Easy Access

  • Easier insertion and removal of the pots – more cost effective maintenance and the rearrangement of the plants is a breeze

Increased Plant Selection

  • More variety of plant species can be used
  • Ability to grow plants from seeds