Plant wall is not only a green wall and ecological wall, but also can purify the air and adjust the temperature and humidity of indoor air. The benefits it brings to people are unmatched by other works of art.

Indoor plant wall

Now many people like to decorate plant walls in their homes and offices. Do you know what forms plant walls are designed in? The following is a compilation of three design methods for your reference:

1、 Shelf type

Fix wooden boards such as small squares on the wall, and place your favorite plant potted plants inside. This kind of board is generally called wall storage board or storage rack, and the effect will be very good-looking. Generally, such plant walls are used for balcony walls or smaller indoor walls.

2、 Frame type

First cultivate the green plants you need, and then build a supporting framework in front of the wall, and you can set up a simple drip irrigation or sprinkler irrigation system. Then put the pre-cultivated green plants in the space of the built scaffold. The indoor plant wall has no too many restrictions on the selection of plants. The plants can be changed at any time. The disadvantage is that the construction of the support outside the wall is time-consuming and laborious.

3、 Modular

After cultivation, it is installed indoors, which is convenient to install and has better effect of purifying air. However, the modular plant wall needs to be made and designed by a professional plant wall company, which costs a lot. This kind of wall is more suitable for large-area walls as family plant walls. With dense green plants, it can form a more natural plant wall landscape. Coupled with the illumination of light, it can improve a lot of beauty for your family.

Three forms of indoor layout of plant wall!

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